WHITE ROSE BOER GOATS - " Yorkshire Born and Bred "

"Young Farmer George's"
Delicious and Healthy Goat Meat
Please Call to Order (01287 669032 or 07498759084)

Goat Meat has low saturated fat, low cholesterol and low calories compared with  beef, pork, lamb and chicken, yet retains an equal amount of protein, so really is a very healthy meat option to choose.
Please note all our Goat Meat packs are individually priced according to their exact weight and delivered Frozen.

Customers are most welcome to come and collect an order from Westerdale on The North Yorkshire Moors. Please ring to check availability first, Thank you

 Please note our delivery costs start at a minimum of £9.95, but any order over £100.00 is FREE
Also due to availability we may need to contact you about a replacement option to your order

Please remember all our Goat Milk Soaps and Cosmetics are now available at Capure.co.uk

We are Registered with Our Local Council to Sell Frozen Meats
1.310Kg Goat Shoulder
Price: £13.10
0.500Kg Goat Mince
Price: £5.00
0.900Kg 8 Kofta Goat Burgers
Price: £9.90
0.500Kg 4 Goat Chops
Price: £5.50
0.250Kg 4 Goat Ribs
Price: £2.50
1.0Kg Goat Leg
Price: £11.00
0.520Kg 2 Goat Shanks
Price: £4.42
0.500Kg Diced Goat Meat
Price: £6.00
0.500kg Kofta Goat Sausages
Price: £5.50